Jennifer Brachmann. Photo: Matthias Ritzmann

Label/ Berlin based label, BRACHMANN Menswear offers a stylish, contemporary reinterpretation of men’s wear classics “for a modern Don Draper role” (Trendhunter). With a strong signature educated by architecture, the label deconstructs and reforms classic menswear staples, playing with hybrids, silhouettes and details. Taking inspiration from the Bauhaus style, contemporary art and popular culture, we synthesise progressive design, perfect fit, exquisite fabrics made from natural fibres and a luxury finish in our post classical menswear collections. BRACHMANN creates a cohesive apparel line of urban chic and minimalist elegance for the contemporary man who wants to creatively express their individuality whilst respecting the codes of men’s wear classics.

BRACHMANN’S ORDERDATES S/S 2017 BRACHMANN Menswear cor­di­ally invi­tes you to come and see our Collection S/S 2017 at Paris Fashion Week, Milano, Berlin Fashion Week (Der Berliner Modesalon & Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week) or at Rough Edges Showroom Duesseldorf.

BRACHMANN Menswear debuted in January 2014 during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin. Spearheaded by architect and fashion designer, Jennifer Brachmann, with support from her partner and co-founder, Olaf Kranz, and artist, Thies Streifinger, the debut collection A/W 2014/15 was dubbed “triumphant” by Women’s Wear Daily (WWD). Since then, BRACHMANN Menswear has regularly shown its collections at Berlin Fashion Week, as well as at trade fairs and showrooms in Paris and Düsseldorf. With fashion press celebrating BRACHMANN as “THE ONE TO WATCH label from Germany” (KALTBLUT Magazine S/S 2015). In 2016, the label was nominated for the International Woolmark Prize by the Fashion Council Germany.

Collection concept/ Classic men’s wear pieces with their concise characteristics together with design principles from architecture are the foundation of our collections. BRACHMANN dissembles seasoned garments, like the trench coat, jacket, riding breeches, or sailor shirt into their basic parts to create freely combinable modules which can be reconstructed to create new crossovers. Rethinking classics through an architectural perspective results in a newness focused on hybrids, details and silhouettes. Cuts are precise and emphasise the male physique. The construction of the garments stands out by seam tracking, subtle colour contrasts, and peel seams. The high-quality fabrics woven in Europe and made from natural fibres are exquisite and comfortable to wear on the skin. The colour palette originates from using muted and mixed colours. Each season, we look for inspiration in modern art and pop culture — a colour we spot in a movie or painting, an artist’s conception that strikes us as unique, or a line in a poem or song. Our collections of urban chic and minimal elegance are highly wearable and versatile, and allow for a seamless transition from day to night.

Production & products/ All gar­ments are made from high qual­ity fab­rics made from nat­ural fibers that are exclu­sively sourced in Europe (Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Portugal). We manufacture our col­lec­tions under sustainable working conditions in the EU only (Germany & Italy).

Team/ BRACHMANN Menswear is the work of three. Architect and fashion designer, Jennifer Brachmann creates the collections for the eponymous Berlin based brand, whilst sociologist Olaf Kranz and artist Thies Streifinger support her efforts.

The BRACHMANN team is driven by the desire to demonstrate the endless potential of men’s wear classics to pave the way to true innovation in an area that has evolved painstakingly slow over centuries. Within the international movement to redefine the notion of chic and elegance of men’s wear, they strive to establish the label’s unique post-classical signature that is subtly avant-garde, yet timeless.

Jennifer Brachmann graduated with a diploma in fashion design from the renowned Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design in Halle/Saale after previously studying architecture at the Technical University in Dresden. At both institutions, Jennifer was initiated into the design principles of the Bauhaus, which remain a formative influence on her design work. Her collections strive to balance the ephemeral forms of fashion and the timeless forms of architecture. As an undergraduate, in 2006, she won the competition “Weltgewänder” which was juried by Stephan Schneider (Antwerp), Dr. Alfons Kaiser (FAZ), and Patricia Riekel (Chief Editor Bunte, Amica, Instyle).

Following graduation, she interned with Veronique Branquinho in Antwerp and completed several freelance fashion design projects before founding the label BRACHMANN with her partner, Olaf Kranz. Her debut collection, shown at Mercedes-Benz Berlin Fashion Week in January 2014, was supported by a working scholarship from the Art Foundation Saxony-Anhalt and the Bergesche Stiftung in 2013.

Jennifer’s partners, Kranz & Streifinger, are fascinated with modernizing the classical male wardrobe by translating design principles of architecture into fashion. While Olaf translates the Iabel’s design concept into a firm business model, Thies looks for congenial direction in artwork and web design across channels.

Images: Manufacturing of a shirt at Studio U&N in Jahnsdorf near Chemnitz.

Credits: Michel Klehm

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